Man or Woman?

Crazy, isn't it? Very androgyne! 
eure maDame

Black Beauty.


...to you all!!!

And here a little D.I.Y! ...Create your own special halloween light!

Glow stick lanterns::idea for Halloween decoration
  1. buy non-toxic glow sticks
  2. Break open a glow stick  
  3. dump it in a jar
  4. shake it up
with just the glow stick liquid..it will make the whole jar glow„adding water to it and it made the water glow. 
mixed the red, white and blue together and it made a pink/purple-magenta color

eure maDame


Autumn Style.

My fav. autumn street styles! My tip: stow your blue jeans at the very back of your wardrobe and awake your BLACK JEANS!!maDame


It goes wild with you! Stay fixed and don't give up...there is a cowboy in you! maDame